Training, Learning & Development

Our Training, Learning & Development team are highly skilled Health-care trainers who combine teaching and medical qualifications with a wealth of practical experience.

Courses available Face to Face and Online

Best practice & compliance in Aged Care standards
Our Course Designers develop Aged Care focused, critical incident scenario exercises specifically aligned to your unique organisational risks, hazards, and environment.

We keep our training relevant and engaging, incorporating situational testing, embedding theoretical knowledge, and, critically, teaching staff to correctly apply their learnings on the job.

We offer a comprehensive range of best practice modules and topics, covering all facets of Residential Aged, Home and Community Care in adherence with the latest RACF and HACC standards.
Mandatory Industry Training
Let us cover off all your mandatory training requirements at a competitive price point, scheduled around your shifts to keep your staff working.

Our nationally accredited First Aid, CPR and Manual Handling courses are specifically focused and designed for use within Aged Care Environments.
Clinical Courses
Our huge range of professional and clinical courses are constantly updated for relevance and follow best-practice. Popular courses include Back to Work Basics, Understanding Dementia, Nutrition and Hydration, and Managing Behaviours of Concern, just to name a few.

We provide complete delivery flexibility: offering face to face or online courses, running from 1.5 hours through to half day sessions.

Simulated Learning Options

Simulated learning lets participants apply their knowledge immediately.
Our Manikins are used for hands-on learning and training modules reflect current industry best practice. Areas we cover include:

Tailored programs to meet your needs

Our team of experienced aged care training consultants offer practical, in-house aged care management experience and highly effective strategic advice, guidance and direction.

We have the capability to support your L&D team, from needs analysis to design and through to course delivery.