Featured testimonial

“Crewe Sharp is a smart company to work for, the company has chosen to diversify and moved into HACC just at the right time. They are an up to date company that are always willing to update or train the careers in our line of work. I really like the Zoom training. Crewe Sharp has given me the opportunity to learn more about this area of caring. I feel valued by the Homecare Team and some individual clients.”

Marie P.

“The office support is fantastic if you say no to a shift because of other commitments. They are always contactable and helpful if any issues arise. I love having regular clients and roster, thank you rostering staff, you do an awesome job! I always feel supported and appreciated.”

Lesley P.

“Enough shifts, good and on-time payment. The Job Ready program is very useful to newcomers in the health care industry. Even in a COVID pandemic, they never stopped and gave enough shifts. They helped with transportation when I was not able to drive. I would not be able to work without the excellent office staff. Crewe Sharp Medical is the best agency in the world!”

Bablu J.

“I like working for Crewe Sharp, the staff are very friendly and helpful, even when stressed out, they will call you back to sort out any problems you might have! They listen and take into consideration your needs and preferences for working. When I have an issue with a client, the office will always follow through and let you know the outcome, even if it takes time to get the information.”

Rhonda C.

“I have been in this industry for 12 years in Queensland. When I arrived in Melbourne, I applied for many jobs, Crewe Sharp Medical was one of the best things I ever did! Crewe Sharp have one of the best systems going, all electronic, no paperwork. When you have any problem with clients, straight away, they know who you are, everybody is happy, problem solved! The pay rate is higher than any other company I have worked for.”

Maria S.