About Crewe Sharp

Always There. Always Quality.

Established in 2004 and headquartered in Melbourne, Crewe Sharp is a leading, privately-owned nursing agency and training organisation. We support Aged Care, Home and Community Care clients to deliver exceptional care, through the provision of highly qualified staff and industry leading training programs. Our mission is to support elderly individuals in enjoying their best life.

Our Core Values

Service Delivery

Provide premier customer service by delivering our promises and exceeding expectations.

Trust & Respect

Build relationships based on trust, respect and open communication.


Conduct all dealings in an ethical, legal and professional manner.


Embrace teamwork, partnership and support of others as key factors for success.


Strive for continuous improvement through innovation and creativity.


Provide a safe work environment which is free from discrimination, harassment, injury and loss.

Development & Reward

Develop and reward employees to maximise their potential.


Enjoy and celebrate business and personal successes.


Take ownership and accountability within a framework of support and encouragement.